View-Master Edition Chinese Art ca. 1969 3D very rare Kit
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RARE Complete Set of View Master Chinese Art 3D Reel & Viewer Pack. William Gruber, inventor of the View Master 3D system was very interested in the then fairly unknown world of early Chinese art. In 1960/2 his interest piqued when it was announced that the Imperial Collection of Chinese art was to tour the USA. He had tried to photograph similar objects before but was not happy with the colours the then slow Type A Kodachrome produced under artificial light. At around this time Kodak announced an up-dated version of Kodachrome with better colour rendition and twice the ASA rating of the original. Gruber knew this was exactly what he had been waiting for and arranged to photograph the collection. In addition he travelled to the UK to photograph various examples in public collections. Although Gruber died in 1965 his project finally came to fruition in 1969 when 1,260 of his 3D photos were published in an impressive 4-volume set, containing a total of 180 View Master reels. Although Volume 1 states that the issue was limited to 1,000 sets, it is thought that in reality the number is unlikely to exceed 500, possibly as few as 350. When launched the 4-volume set of reels was accompanied by a "3-Dimension Viewing System" pack. Unusually this lot is comprised of both sets. The pack of reels is literally as new and only one volume has been carefully opened to ensure the reel are still in good condition, which they are. Unfortunately the viewing pack had a custom foam insert which always degrades into a sticky residue. This pack has been cleaned but the result is that the Model D viewer, although still in working order, its' cosmetically in poor condition, as is its' custom designed stand. The reel can still be viewed in 3D with any View Master viewer. Each of the two packs is still contained in the original outer shipping boxes