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photographer of the week: Henri Cartier-Bresson

Not only is the camera important, but also the artist behind it

Our inspiration for these collectibles was: The French-born photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson. He gained his fame and reputation as a photography icon due to his black and white photography for the liberation of Paris at the end of the Second World War. His artistic sophistication is also reflected in his other creative, professional fields such as acting, directing, painting and drawing.

His life shaped by the most exciting moments in the history of Europe, such as coronations, prisoners of war, acts of war, assassinations and encounters with the most important historical personalities such as Mahatma Gandhi, is like a novel and finds influence in his art. He preferred to shoot his composition with such perfection that nothing had to be cut off afterwards. His method and his eye made him the most outstanding photographer of his time.

 We sell not only cameras and accessories, you will also find literature and books here.

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Our valuable oldtimers in small, medium and large format from the time of analog photography. Black and white photography taken with perfect mechanics for historical works of art.

Our classics are contemporary witnesses - whether as an investment for collectors or enthusiastic professionals. The perfect equipment for the perfect shoot and at great prices.

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