Motor for Leica M2 extrem RARE Muehr Germany working
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The so called Mühr Motor is a motor drive unit which was developed and build for the Leica M2 from german constructer Gerhard Mühr.
The motor couples with the drive shaft of the main transport which is also the interface for the Leicavit MP rapid winder, so the Leica models M1 and MD should be also useable with the Mühr Motor.

There are features of the Leica Winder M4-2 and the predecessors and from the Leitz New York Motor for Leica M2-M and M4M/M4-Mot found on the Mühr Motor and it could be assumed that the Leica Winder and the motor are the origin of the design and development of the Mühr Motor.
The units is powered by four batteries type AA. It has a main switch at the back and is useable for single and continious frame rates.
During the short production period between 1979 and 1981 were only 25 units completed. How many of them are still existent and full working is not known!